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What are the finishes on the visible countertop?

Let’s take a look together at the processes that are normally applied to a windowsill or a custom-made Natural Stone product in general.

We can choose different finishes based on materials including: shiny top, polished top, brushed top, saw/disk top, flamed top.

  • Shiny top, characterised by a very smooth, mirror-like surface (in the picture shiny Bianco di Carrara)
  • Polished surface, characterised by a very smooth but matt surface (in the picture polished Bianco di Carrara)
  • Brushed surface, although the surface is uneven and not completely smooth, the feel remains very soft and velvety (in the picture brushed Bianco di Carrara)
  • Saw top or disc top, in which case the surface remains rather rough (in the image disc top Bianco di Carrara)
  • Flamed top, only available for some granites, the surface of this top is very rough (in the picture flamed Beola Grigia)

The choice of the type of workmanship on the sill depends essentially on personal taste, but it is good to say that shiny, polished or brushed surfaces are often used for interiors, while rougher finishes such as sawed or flamed are more suitable for exteriors.

Marble is generally chosen polished or shiny as the beauty of the marble is enhanced by the rub-up and even more by the polishing as it increases the contrasts of the veins present.

Some granites, on the other hand, look very good outdoors with the rougher finishes such as saw top or brushed.


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